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Dmitry O. Tyrnov (1978).
Leading engineer.

Research theme

Eigenwaves in the layered media constructed of arrays of complex-shaped metal elements on the dielectric substrate.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Main results

       In general case polarization of the incident electromagnetic wave transforms by the arrays of such elements (fig. 1). But analytical results shows that the complex matrices of reflection and transmission operators can be diagonalized and eigenvectors of these matrixes are real. It yields to existence of two "selected" directions in this structure. If incident wave polarized in the one of these directions, it's polarization is not transformed by the structure (fig. 2). This effect explains by the specific current distribution on the metal strip element.

       The dispersion characteristics of such layered structure can be obtained. The structure has two "positive" linearly polarized orthogonal eigenwaves (and two same "negative" eigenwaves propagated in the opposite direction). The polarizations of eigenwaves are coincided with "selected" directions of the structure.

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