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Alexander V. Gribovsky.
Senior Scientist,

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Institute of Radio Astronomy

Krasnoznamennaya str., 4
Kharkov, 61002

Phone: 380 57 7448596
Fax: 380 57 7061415

Electromagnetic fields near to metallic screens with waveguide channels

Electromagnetic wave diffraction by planar double periodic screens of reflective and through-pass types with wave-guide channels of rectangular cross section are studied [A.V.Gribovskii, S.L.Prosvirnin, Scattering of a wave beam by a reflection array made of rectangular waveguides, Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics, 1997, vol. 42, no. 9, p. 961]. The conditions are determined, at which one the reflected field has either linear, or elliptical polarization [A.V.Gribovsky, S.L.Prosvirnin, Polarization transformation due to reflection of electromagnetic waves by finite thick planar screen with rectangular apertures, Physics of wave process and radio-engineering systems, 2002, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 5-9 (in Russian)]. The capability of implementation of a full non-mirroring reflection is demonstrated at planar TE and TM waves diffraction by a double periodic reflective array of shorted rectangular waveguides [A.V.Gribovsky, Properties of reflecting grating consisting of shorted rectangular waveguides in auto collimation regime. Radio physics and electronics, 2003, vol., 8, no., 2, pp. 201-205 (in Russian)].

The new way of excitation and control of radiation by the phased antenna array of rectangular waveguides is proposed by using a planar dielectric layer on a metallic ground as waveguide of the surface electromagnetic wave. The beam scanning is possible by a surface wave propagation veering in array aperture. [A.V.Gribovsky Original technique for radiation control in waveguide phased antenna array, Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, 2002, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 11-16. (in Russian)].

The numerical algorithm is developed to analyze the frequency selective surface characteristics of a multi-element screen with waveguide channels of rectangular cross section. [A.V.Gribovsky, S.L.Prosvirnin, Excitation of multi element phased array of rectangular waveguides, Physics of wave process and radio-engineering systems, 2003, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 27-31 (in Russian)]. The high quality factor resonances of total reflection are revealed and referenced to closed mode array resonances similar to closed modes in waveguide structures. The resonance frequency features of such FSS are attractive to applications in multi frequency antenna systems.

“Closed mode resonances”. Frequency dependences of a normal incident electromagnetic wave reflection by a finite thickness metal plane with rectangular holes. Solid and dotted lines correspond to the arrays with two holes and one hole per cell accordingly. The sizes of holes of two-element array are near equal, and the holes of one-element array are the same.

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