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Zouhdi, Said1, Fourrier-Lamer, Arlette1, Prosvirnin, S. L.2, Tretyakov, S. A.3, Kharina, T. G.4, Jallageas, H.5

1Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie and Supelec, 2Institute of Radio Astronomy, 3Helsinki Univ. of Technology, 4St. Petersburg State Technical Univ., 5IRCOM

Polarization-sensitive microwave band gaps in array structures


       In this paper we explore both theoretically and experimentally the electromagnetic properties of microwave photonic band gap structures formed by several layers of doubly periodic arrays of conducting elements. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical calculations. The method of the analysis of a single doubly-periodic array of conducting strips, based on Floquet theorem and the moments method, is combined with a recursive algorithm suitable to calculate the reflection and transmission operators for a system of several such layers. These structures can find practical applications in high- quality polarization-selective filters.

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