Homogenization of an array of  S-shaped particles located on a dielectric interface


Simovski C.R., Sauviac B., Prosvirnin S.L.




An analytical model of a grid composed of small S-shaped conducting particles located on the surface of a dielectric slab is presented. This approach replaces the original one-layer structure with metallic particles printed on the interface by a multi-layered structure with homogenized permittivities for each layers. This way one can homogenize the arrays of small resonant particles. The analytical model is verified by numerical simulations for the case of normal incidence of the plane wave. The homogenization is possible due to the small sizes of S-particles compared to the resonant wavelength in the substrate and due to the small thickness of the whole structure.


Progress in Electromagnetic Research, PIER 39, 2003, pp. 249-264, (summary in JEWA, 2003, pp. 174-175)