The UTR-2 catalogue of radio sources is now available on-line!

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The very-low frequency sky survey of discrete sources has been obtained in the Institute of Radio Astronomy of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Kharkov, Ukraine) with the UTR-2 radio telescope at a number of the lowest frequencies used in contemporary radio astronomy within the range from 10 to 25 MHz.

The UTR-2 (Ukrainian T-shape Radiotelescope) is the largest in the world array operated at decametric wavelength, which is located near Grakovo village, about 80 km from Kharkov; north-east Ukraine. The collective area of the UTR-2 is 150000 sq.m., and the resolution is about 40'x40' at the middle frequency 16.7 MHz.

The UTR-2 survey one can found in the following papers:

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To download the catalogue, click here.

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